News: on line the new Company Profiles Original Italian


Are on line the brand new Company Profiles Original Italian, two detailed guide to our world through our partner, true excellences of Made in Italy. From food&beverage, the core business, up to design&furnitures and much more, we select… Read More

Christo. The Floating Piers


Christo. The Floating Piers “In over fifty years of activity, Jeanne-Claude and I have realized only 22 of the 59 works that we conceived, owing to the difficulty of obtaining permits. While we have lost interest in some… Read More

Original Italian Experience

Original Italian Experience

ORIGINAL ITALIAN® is not just a Company, not just a Brand, it’s a way of life. Everyone has inside a multitude of essences, and among them there’s for sure the Italian one. By closing the eyes and opening… Read More

Made in Italy: Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016

Salone del Mobile 2016

The biggest date on the world’s furniture calendar falls on a Tuesday in April, marking the start of the annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile, a week packed with events, exhibitions and presentations, where everyone who’s anyone on the… Read More

Carnival made in Italy


Carnival made in Italy The most famous carnivals of Italy are those held in Venice, Viareggio, Ivrea, Cento, Gambettola, Satriano and Acireale. Venice The carnival in Venice was first recorded in 1268. The subversive nature of the festival… Read More

Italian Fashion: Welcome to PITTI GENERATION(S)

Moda Pitti

Italian Fashion: the title-theme of Pitti Uomo 89 (12-15 Jan 2016) will talk about the “coexistence” of different generations in today’s fashions and styles. “Pitti Generation(s) is the guiding theme for the January shows”, says Agostino Poletto, vice-CEO… Read More


Original Italian T-shirt Fb

Preview 2016 December 2015: Worldwide Launch in Sydney suggest on Facebook @ Discover Your Italian Side your favorite store in town! Sydney, Australia, is the city choosen for the worldwide launch of the brand new ORIGINAL ITALIAN® Capsule… Read More

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