Original Italian

In our name there is our essence, based primarily on the authenticity of our proposal. Professional and dynamic Company, ready to fulfill any market and clients’ request, THE ORIGINAL ITALIAN COMPANY is the match-point between production and trading, and facilitates the link among the fragmented offers of the Italian masterpieces and the raising demand of importers, distributors, international restaurateurs, chef and dealers. We work closely and directly together with our partners from the production to the International trading.

Our target is to be tuned with market trends so as to create and supply always the best products in accordance with the specific market and distribution channel.

Our core business is food&beverage, but we deal also with furnishing, apparel, art and more, as long as really Italian and chosen by the Italians.

Beyond a diverse range of established relationships with the most interesting producers for value on the market, our strength lies in searching and finding for our partners exactly what they are looking for at the price they have in mind, ensuring the excellence of Made in Italy at the best possible conditions.

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