Original Italian lands in New Zealand

New Zeland Made in Italy Original Italian

New Zealand joins the list of countries that rely on Original Italian for the supply of authentic, quality products, 100% Made in Italy.

Thanks to the partnership with a top player in the world of healthy and organic food, in the Country are now available the wonderful products of two absolute Italian excellences: IL PASTAIO DI NUORO and RISO ZACCARIA.

When Il Pastaio di Nuoro was established, its objective was very clear: to produce and sell typical Sardinian pasta. The entire production process that takes place in the industrial area of ​​Pratosardo in Nuoro is essentially artisanal. Two different production lines produce two types of product: fresh pasta and bronze-die dry pasta. The great care and attention taken throughout every stage of the production cycle allowed to certify, after numerous tests, that the products will be suitable for consumption for a marketing period of 45 days for fresh pasta and 24 months for dry pasta. To oer consumers the utmost protection, Il Pastaio di Nuoro received certification from the Suolo e Salute certifying body for the processing of organic raw materials.

Azienda Agricola Zaccaria is located in the heart of the “Baraggia”, an area of Piedmont which lies at the foot of Monte Rosa and the Alpi Biellesi.
Hard to be cultivate, however the Baraggia is characterized by the generosity of the productions, of the finest quality. The rice of Baraggia, in fact, is known for its excellent properties, among which the large estate in cooking.
The company, equipped with modern and functional facilities, sees its origin in the farmhouse Margaria, the place of the rice supply chain, from the cultivation until the husking and subsequent packaging.
The wide proposal of rice varieties includes the “Carnaroli Vintage” (one year aged), a true masterpiece dedicated to the most sophisticated palates

A pioneer in a marvelous territory to be discovered, Original Italian is preparing to soon expand the New Zealand offer with other interesting proposals.

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