With Original Italian Cipriani arrives in Australia

Original Italian Cipriani Food

After successfully introducing the famous and inimitable Bellini bottled, produced according to the ancient traditional formula, Original Italian opens the doors of the Australian market to the entire range of Cipriani products.

The desserts, the focaccia, the sauces, the unmistakable egg pasta, the mozzarella and all the delights that have contributed in making the Harry’s Bar of Venice unique in the world will soon be available also in Australia.

The completion of the Cipriani offer – says Matteo Bagnara, C.E.O. of Original Italian – is the result of a project started over three years ago and now finds its fulfillment, allowing us to support and strongly promote the entire company in Australia”.


Born in the mid-eighties. Originally it was the laboratory for the production of bread, pasta, desserts and other pastry products served in Cipriani restaurants.

Subsequently, behind the solicitations of customers, Arrigo Cipriani decides to expand its production capacity and ventures into the world of marketing its specialties.

All products are characterized by the care of every detail and by the uninterrupted research of the essence of things. In every package, in addition to the excellence of the quality of the product, there is also the entire culinary culture and hospitality developed over more than 80 years of success.

Cipriani Food products are sold in over thirty countries worldwide.

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