Brandini: Bastianich and Farinetti’s Organic Barolo


Brandini is the most recent winery in Original Italian’s portfolio and it’s from the Bastianich family. Joe Bastianich who owns Brandini with Oscar Farinetti, with whom he also co-founded the famous “Eataly”, says about his the prestigious agricultural company from Piedmont:

“…Sometimes, in order to reach an ideal, one has to muster the courage to take the most difficult road.

Our company, which produces the famous wines of the Langa region, is “only” 20 years old. In the wine universe, that is truly “young.” But we believe that the most important factor when producing these wines is not age, but dedication to tradition. We believe in young, talented, and capable people with clear and achievable goals.

We produce our wine with a full respect of the traditions of our territory, the LANGA.

Barolo Docg, Langhe Nebbiolo Doc, Barbera d’Alba Superiore Doc, Brandini & Brandini Langhe Rosso Doc, Dolcetto d’Alba Doc, Le Coccinelle Langhe Bianco Doc.

In our production cellar we have the best, most modern, and efficient equipment. Our oenologists work with passion and attention when transforming our lovely ORGANICALLY cultivated grapes into wine.

Our wine is only aged in big barrels, ranging in capacity from 20 to 60 hectoliters, in our aging cellars.

We have been practicing organic agriculture for years, because we want to leave our soil in a better state than we found it in. All of our choices are based on our respect for the environment, for those who work with us, and for our clients.

Our wines are free… free of everything superfluous.
We cultivate territory and sense of proportion”.

Barolo  Resa 56 Langhe Nebbiolo Filari Corti Barbera Rocche del Santo Dolcetto Filari Lunghi Le Coccinelle

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