2 young Italian Chefs on 2017 Forbes list

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2 young Italian Chefs on 2017 Forbes list

Every year Forbes uses to select the best profiles for its annual ranking “30 under 30“, the best worldwide personalities in art, social media and technology under 30 years old.

Besides the US charts, there is one dedicated to Europe, and for cuisine Forbes crowns 7 chefs in its “Arts” section.

It might not surprise to discover that in 2017, among these 7, two chefs are Italian.

The first is Isabella Benedetta Poti, sous chef and pastry chef at the restaurant “Bros” in Lecce, revelation of last summer.
Isabella is very young (26 years old), she was born in Rome and has worked in London with the chef Cloude Bosi and with the Basque chefs Berasategui and Paco Torreblancas.

Keeping her company, chef Alberto Sanna (28 years old) head chef of the family restaurant “Campidano” on the Costa Smeralda.
Contemporary cuisine with Sardinian ingredients at the center of his research.

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