The Original Italian Company & Sandokan at the Winery

Original Italian_Sandokan

Ponte di Piave, June 2022. Sandokan, James Bond, Beautiful, Dinasty, La Signora in Giallo, Magnum P.I., up to the very recent The Broken Key are just some of the global successes that have seen Kabir Bedi as protagonist in over fifty years of career.

“You can catch a swallow but you can’t stop the spring …” said a famous quote in the miniseries dedicated to the character created by Emilio Salgari. Not stopping is also the beloved interpreter of the Tiger of Malaysia, who has inspired and made an entire generation fall in love and has now returned to our country to bare his soul in an honest and transparent way.

So many stories to tell, arising from professional life but also from private life, perhaps even more compelling, that the actor, thanks to the intercession of Original Italian with whom he has been collaborating for years, shared with the many guests present on Friday 10 June at the aperitif in the Winery open to the public organized by Viticoltori Ponte in via Verdi 50 in Ponte di Piave.

“We were honored – declared Luigi Vanzella, General Manager Viticoltori Ponte – to have been able to host an artist of this caliber, whom we particularly esteem for the immense achievements from the working point of view as well asĀ for the value and depth of mind which does not fail to demonstrate at every opportunity “.

“I thank – finally commented Bedi – The Original Italian Company and Viticoltori Ponte for the welcome invitation that I accepted with great pleasure. Italy is my second home and my book has been really successful with you. The proof that, like you are always in my heart, I too remain in yours. “

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