Fontanafredda promotes “Vino Libero”

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Fontanafredda promotes “Vino Libero”

Vino Libero is an Association of winegrowers from different Italian Regions, jointly committed to creating and following a strict Winemaking Protocol and to applying a sustainable model of agriculture which is cost-effective, environment-friendly and socially equitable. The promoter is Fontanafredda, which has decided to associate its brand with that of “Vino Libero”, together with other estates from different Italian regions.

The Vino Libero project stems from the awareness that the wine market will have more and more knowledgeable and experienced consumers in the future.

“Vino Libero”, two simple words, but full of meaning and substance which translate into “Free Wine” in English. A “Vino Libero” wine is free from all the negative elements that can interfere with all the qualitative aspects of wine, to the benefit of the most authentic values in the broadest sense, also – but not only – with regard to the quality of life.

A project that focuses on the naturalness of the wine, beginning to free it from weed-killers, chemical fertilizers and the excessive use of sulphites, but also from pollutant packaging, from too much bureaucracy and from pointless fleeting trends.

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