The Brewmonks Of Birra Nursia…

Original Italian Monaci Nursia
A Cloister On The Mountainside…

Original Italian Monastero Norcia

The Monastery of San Benedetto in Monte is perched above the ancient town of Nursia, birthplace of St. Benedict, founder of Western monasticism.

The Monks of Norcia, who have called the city home since the year 2000, were forced to begin work on a new, seismic-resistant monastery on site of their old monastic grange when a series of devastating earthquakes destroyed their church and home in town in 2016.

The international community of monks who live there are committed to living according to the ancient observance of the Rule of St. Benedict and understand this otherwise tragic moment in history as a call from God to deepen their vocation as men of prayer, conversion, study and manual labor, and to prefer nothing to the love of Christ.

The Beer…

Original Italian Birra Nursia

Birra Nursia is brewed exclusively by monks with the water of the Sibylline mountains on the outskirts of town.

Inaugurated in 2012, Birra Nursia is the monks’ way to live out the maxim of St. Benedict that says true monks live by the work of their own hands.

With their viable industry underway, exporting brews to the USA and elsewhere, the monks try to be self-sustaining and raise funds to build their new home, while sharing their profits with those most in need in the earthquake-stricken valley. What began in the ancient walls of the monastery in town will soon move close to the mountainside lodgings so that the monks can maintain their rhythm of life and schedule of prayer.

As part of the monks’ campaign to rebuild, the brewery is giving 15% of all proceeds to charitable causes. They also will give a portion of all funds raised to the people of Norcia, for whom they pray and intercede, as a material means of lessening their hardships.

The Selection…

Original Italian Birra Nursia BiondaOriginal Italian Birra Nursia Extra

The beers are available in both .33 L and .75 L sizes.
.75 L bottles are available in cases of 6 and .33 L bottles are available in cases of 12.

The monks call their building campaign “Deep Roots.” It is an invitation to the whole world to help the monks build an earthquake-resistant monastery and to provide the town with a flourishing monastic community for centuries to come.

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