Franciacorta: Festival d’Estate 25-26 June 2016

Festival Franciacorta Estate


Saturday 25
The day of Saturday 25 will be dedicated to the discovery of the territory, its wines, its products and its food. The wineries will organize little events, guided tours and tastings. Also the typical farms and distilleries will be opened to the public revealing to visitors some of the secrets of their work. Saturday evening will be marked by a big event spread throughout the territory, involving restaurants, diners and farms associated with the Strada del Franciacorta, each of which will offer his personal Menu, dedicated to local food and wine culture.

Sunday 26
Sunday 26 June, everyone is invited to visit the historic Palazzo Monti della Corte di Nigoline, one of the most striking aristocratic manor houses in Franciacorta: the lawns of its centuries-old grounds and ancient orchard will be the venue for a great open-air party with Street Food made with typical Franciacorta ingredients and italian excellences. A tasting bar will be set up, where over 60 local wineries will offer tastings of various types of Franciacorta: a unique occasion for visitors to acquaint themselves with the producers and sample their wines, under their expert supervision.

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